Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Great Easy Project

This three-button wrap is a great, very simple project. It is just a large rectangle with one buttonhole and three buttons. You can wear it in any number of ways. I photographed two. You can just pull it over your shoulders like a shawl when you are chilly. Fasten the bottom button to show off all three. Like this:Or, toss it over a shoulder and button it like this:
Just look at what a beautiful neckline that makes.
Mary knit this in Plymouth's Alpaca Boucle. My photography doesn't do the yarn justice- it is a gorgeous heathered green with a tight looped boucle. Like all alpaca, it is very soft and very warm but lightweight even though it is a little bit chunky. It is a fairly quick knit for any fast knitters still looking for a holiday gift to knit.