Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trendspotting: Capes

I have noticed that capes and ponchos are making a comeback for Fall. But unlike the sloppy, hippie-ish ponchos of the last go-round with this style, the ones making an appearance this season are more modern. The cape above is from Rowan 50. With a sleeker, more fitted take on the trend,it is almost like a cardigan. And the armholes make it much more wearable. Below is an example of one from Vogue Knitting. The belt gives it some shape, making a much nicer silhouette.


JennyBeet said...

I went nuts when I saw that Rowan cape -- then worried that I was nuts for wanting to knit a cape! Glad I'm not the only one who likes the look. Hope to get in to see you soon!
- Jenny

knittingworkshop said...

I don't think you're nuts for wanting to knit a cape- that Rowan one looks really cool to me. And even though it is sooo hot right now, it looks cozy to me. I love it. Want to do a knit-along?